Expandable Braided Sleeve – PET / 10mm / Per M

Priced and sold per M / Max 5m

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Expandable braided sleeve, meant for abrasion protection on wiring looms but does an equally good job of covering hose or polyamide tube to give the impression of yarn braiding.

Great for owners of historic vehicles that want to retain the original look of the hose but use a modern material that is fit for purpose with regard to suitability to modern fuel etc.

Nominal measurement – 10mm
Min dia – 6mm
Max dia – 18mm

Obviously, if you stretch this sleeve over the nominal measurement it shrinks, if you want to cover 1m of hose then you’ll need over 1m of sleeve, in that respect then please over order!

Similarly, if you use this on hose smaller than the nominal measurement then you’ll get away with less!

Max length in one piece – 5m

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