Blanking Plug – M14x1.5 / Hex Head

Most models

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Sump plug to suit most T3.

M14x1.5 thread.

13mm hex head.

Zinc plated.


  • 2.0l Aircooled – “CU”
  • All T3 WBX 1.9l & 2.1l.
  • Most Diesel and Turbo Diesel (See related items for the alternative drain plug fitted to a limited number of engines)

Note that this is the correct plug as fitted from the factory but these are old vehicles and as time has gone on the aluminium threads in the sump or crank case may have been damaged in the past, it’s quite normal to see them tapped to a larger size (M16x1.5 usually, see related items.) or to have welded up spark plugs in the hole as the workshop that stripped the threads only had a spark plug helicoil to hand! It happens, a lot!

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